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Applying for Government Grants can be a complex and time-consuming task. As an example, some processes extend for 6 months from Expression of Interest, to formal application, to application review and rewrite, to board confirmation. This could equate to more than 75 hours of work.

Capitol Commerce aims to make your grant application stand out and maximise your chance of receiving funding.

As you have probably discovered, there are hundreds of grants out there and it is virtually impossible to know where to start or what’s involved. You can spend forever looking for the perfect grant, only to find out that it closed the week before, or that a specific requirement is missing.

Here’s what you’ll need to know when seeking out and applying for a grant:

  • How to conduct grant research
  • How to scope grant requirements
  • How to identify and prepare supporting documentation
  • How to arrange references and case studies
  • How to identify your grant strategy
  • How to prepare cost summaries, and
  • How to prepare business plan documentation

Find out about writing good Grant Applications here: What makes a Good Grant Application.

As successful recipients of several Grants ourselves, our team of grant writers have extensive experience writing and project managing grant applications for businesses, charities, and other small and large organisations from both private and government sectors. Our skilled grant writers have a proven track record of successfully writing applications and securing grants and funding for our clients.

With a collective 60 years in active business building knowledge and a strong and varied network, Capitol Commerce are well positioned to provide your business with:

  • Timely information and advice on the latest Grants available
  • Project management of Grant preparation process
  • Research, draft and develop grant submission components
  • Professional writing style that highlights your company’s proficiency in accordance with grant requirements

Does your business need assistance with Grants? Get in contact with our team to discuss your situation and hear some of our success cases.