A powerful 12 month business success coaching program

Spend more time working on your business, not in it! Improve profits, reduce stress, and build staff accountability and engagement Return to your desired work life balance

All the greatest athletes have a coach…

Why shouldn’t your business have access to this same level of Business Coaching support? Start solving problems & immediately

How does the Program work?

1. Groups of Business Owners: The program involves monthly “highly engaging” meetings with groups of business owners and their key employees.

2. Structured Monthly Accountability: There are 12 major topics. Each month the business is immersed in a new hands on area designed to increase business success. Each business will keep the other accountable for their monthly performance and the strategies they implemented over the previous month.

3. Sharing Ideas and Solving Problems: Businesses share ideas and solve issues learning from each other and our professional facilitator’s experience.

4. Employee Involvement: Most courses or coaching assignments focus on the business owner. We make sure that the initiatives are implemented each month by inviting a key employee to attend and holding them accountable.

5. Business Systems & Technology: Each business will be provided with over $3k of software technology to help diagnose their business and build a systemised operation.

This program will introduce you to the secrets of entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world.

We will show you how to breed success with your staff and provide you with the strategies to achieve your goals.

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Spend more time working on your business, not in it!
Improve profits, reduce stress, and build staff accountability and engagement Return to your desired work life balance

A simple, effective, practical, hands on 12 month Business Success program for small to medium sized businesses. Follows the 7 step success methodology.training.

Month 1- High level goals and traits of a successful business

Month 2- Improving your profit and cash flow

Month 3- Making your business more valuable with a good strategy

Month 3- Customer strategies, business scorecards and monthly reviews.

Month 5 - Using innovation and systems to build a great business

Month 6 - Developing strategy, scorecards and accountability

Month 7 - Automating and streamlining your business

Month 8 - Improving your employee engagement, HR, systems & delegation

Month 9- Getting your business culture & work life balance right

Month 10- Developing budgets, business & marketing plans

Month 11- Understanding how much your business is worth

Month 12- Review of course, business, issues and future planning

Hear What Happy Clients Have To Say…

“It is a fantastic resource for business owners to have access to an incredible amount of relevant and essential expertise and advice. The program is presented in good sized segments to allow business owners to reflect on their current practice and think carefully about what is the most important step to take next. It is one of the most empowering and useful programs I have come across and is a true investment in your own business success.”
- Kathy McKenzie, Director – FIRE UP Coaching

“The Your Business Success Program has been invaluable in helping me to grow my business. I actually don’t know how I would have expanded my business without it. The program provides the tools and structure required to correctly start, operate and grow any business, I would definitely recommend it to any business owner whether just starting out or wanting to grow their business. One of the best decisions I have made for the business.”
- Geoff Connor – Epping Electrical

“I have been in business for 11 years and thought I knew a lot about business. The Your Business Success Program has given me a fantastic insight into how to be even more successful in business. The case studies are interesting and entertaining and some I have watched over and over again. You are not aware of what you’ve learnt from the YBS Program until you come across problems in your business then you realize that you already know how to start fixing them. It helps you stay positive and believe you can do it no matter what the situation. The YBS Program has been a great investment.”
- Dawn Page – Work Stuff

“Inspirational! Motivates you to get your act together. It makes you believe it can be done, no matter how tough things get. As a result we have made changes that have made money for the business.”
- Annette Kropp, Beyond Building

Any person with a passion for building a great business will draw inspiration and ideas from this program. The DVDs, workbooks and supplementary materials were content rich, and what made learning easy is that the case studies each drew on real life business examples to illustrate their points. Business is not rocket science; it is the application of common sense solutions to commerce. I highly recommend this program to anyone involved in a leadership position in small or medium sized businesses. They are also excellent tools for building the “business IQ” of one’s staff.
- Gary Cobbledick, Co-Founder, The Scribo Group

What will you receive when you sign up?


  • 12 face to face sessions with your facilitator.

  • A complete “step by step” hand holding program where each month we show you exactly what to do and how to achieve results.

  • A month by month learners’ guide covering 12 detailed topics that you can run with your employees or yourself.

  • A 165 page colour workbook that reveals the 7 step Business Success system.

  • A complete turnkey management system to introduce in your business.


  • Over 400 slides, forms and videos with insightful guides to help you grow your business.

  • Videos from some of Australia’s best entrepreneurs that cost $3 million dollars to develop the entire series.

  • Access to over $3,000 of business software that includes diagnostics and checklists, budgeting, planning and HR tools and access for up to 10 employees.

  • Practical forms, tools, templates and diagnostics.


MAUS software has been shipped to over 60,000 businesses around the world. The software and business systems have been used in over 30 Universities and training institutions. The MAUS brand has dominated the SME market for over 20 years and is still seen as the benchmark of excellence.

Why join the program

Become motivated, invigorated & inspired.

Joining the Your Business Success Coaching Program will provide you with monthly expert guidance and advice to help accelerate your business

Nationally marketed – Over 60,000 businesses have purchased the MAUS systems around the world

Snapshot of companies that purchased MAUS software

The brand, concept and methodology of the consulting and SME success program is being marketed in magazines, through direct marketing email and web marketing campaigns, reaching over 500,000 targeted small-medium sized business owners.